Thursday, September 25, 2008

Doing better now.

So, I'm actually feeling a lot better than I was yesterday though I'm sure I'll have some other points where I feel a bit down.

Right now I'm watching a Japanese talk show of some kind. There doing a segment on "super kids". Basically really talented kids in one way or another from all over the world.

Today was mostly fun. My stomach was feeling a bit off so I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. Our group went to Kamakura. Quiz for Kathy: what's important about Kamakura? Daibutsu desu yo! I totally climbed inside the Buddha! Okay, more explanation... the daibutsu is a huge Buddha statue that's hollow so you can climb inside for 20en. Another interesting place in Kamakura is the Hachimon-dera. It's a shrine that was built when the cpaital was moved from Heian-kyou to Kamakura in 1185. There's a tree there that has been there since before the shrine was built. Obviously the tree is a kami (sacred). By the end I was feeling a little better so I had some blueberry ice cream. Why can't the US do ice cream as well as other countries? Seriously...

That was today. Yesterday, I became a registered resident alien as well as signing up for Japanese National Health Insurance. Then I went to the Imperial Gardens.

Tomorrow is a day full of stuff like buying a teki (commuter pass), getting a health check so I can use the pool at Waseda, getting a cell phone (finally!!!), and hopefully getting a bank account so I can pay for things like my cell phone plan and my health insurance easily. Nothing fun planned, but it's stuff that needs to get done.

Saturday there's a SILS welcome party at Waseda. Then Sunday Kate's host family is having a barbeque for the Japan Study group. Then classes start on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget pictures of food! I'm glad you are feeling better, especially so you could eat some ice cream.


Ashley said...

We actually just saw a picture of the Daibutsu, and I thought it was so cool that you could go inside of it! Also, what is Japanese ice cream like? They say it's different everywhere, so I'll just have to make sure to try some of it when I'm there. ^_^