Thursday, September 25, 2008

Finally some pictuers

Hello Kitty poster. Just for mom.

The Thunder Gate in Asakusa.

The right side of the Thunder Gate. The images would be better except there was mesh in front of the statues.

The left side.

This is Senso-ji in Asakusa.

This is Shouhei, one of our Waseda students that was helping us out. Right here he's hanging on to Jazz's bag. We thought he looked cute...

This is the torii leading to the Hachimon shrine in Kamakura. The girl on the right facing us is Asuka, another of the Waseda students.

This is the Hachimon shrine.

And here it is! The daibutsu! Big Buddha! For 20en you can go inside (which I did). The Buddha is Amida Buddha in case you wanted to know...


Kay Whiley said...

Hey! Hey! I've studied those. Cool beans, man

Erin said...

Nice photos! I especially like giant Buddha. I hope all is well in Japan!

- Erin