Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My flight is booked! I leave Chicago on September 5th and arrive in Tel Aviv on September 6th! I'm not looking forward to the jet lag.

Things that I will miss because I'm out of the country:
-Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday
-The release of the Avengers on DVD
-The new season of Doctor Who
-Most of the football regular season (Go Packers!)

But I'm sure I'll be doing so many cool things, it will hardly matter.

Monday, August 20, 2012

An Old Blog for a New Adventure

I've been accepted to an internship in Nablus, Palestine. I'll be out out the country for about three months woking with a non-profit called Tomorrow's Youth Organization. I'll be working with kids which I love while living in and learning about a part of the world I haven't experienced yet. The internship starts on September 6th and goes through November 29th.

In order to document this experience, I decided to resurrect this blog. So here's the beginning of a new chapter! Stay tuned!

(Note: I realize I never actually wrote that last post for my return from Japan. I blame jet lag, reverse culture shock, and how emotional I was about the whole thing; leaving my host family was incredibly hard. Obviously I got home okay.)