Friday, September 7, 2012

And here I am.

I am safely arrived in Nablus. The flight was about what I expected, not much fun. I swear my arrival gate and departure gate in the Newark airport were as far apart as they could possibly without having a train to make things go faster. The best part of the ten hour flight was that I had a large selection of movies to watch including Brave and The Avengers :D The woman sitting next to me said that The Avengers was a bad movie, silly lady.

Arriving in Tel Aviv was interesting. I got detained at immigration though I think it was mostly cuz the guy at passport control didn't want to deal with me. He only asked me a few questions before sending me off. The woman who questioned me after that didn't speak very good English so I'm not sure what she was supposed to get out of that interview. Oh well. I got through that and met up with the other interns and the intern coordinator picked us up and I'm now here at the center in Nablus. I didn't sleep very well last night or rather I slept great from 6am to 10:30am when I got up and dozed every once in a while the rest of the night. Stupid jet lag.

Today is just a lazy day. Tomorrow begins the whirlwind of orientation.

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Kay Brown said...

SO GLAD YOU ARE SAFE! And how did you get to watch The Avengers and Brave? It isn't out on video yet. Did you have to pay? Craziness!