Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My flight is booked! I leave Chicago on September 5th and arrive in Tel Aviv on September 6th! I'm not looking forward to the jet lag.

Things that I will miss because I'm out of the country:
-Thanksgiving--my favorite holiday
-The release of the Avengers on DVD
-The new season of Doctor Who
-Most of the football regular season (Go Packers!)

But I'm sure I'll be doing so many cool things, it will hardly matter.


Kendra said...

I think you are going to have an amazing adventure! And thanks to the internet, it won't feel like you are going TOO far away. I will miss you anyway!

Kay Brown said...

I can certainly tape (and by tape I mean burn to DVD) the new season for you. I'm sure my dad won't mind doing so! So you might miss the initial showing but you shouldn't have to wait for it to be out on DVD. ^_^

Ashley-Bunny said...

Plus my wedding right!