Friday, January 2, 2009

Kyoto Videos

These are just a couple of videos I wanted to put in the earlier post but didn't because Blogger and iPhoto were conspiring against me. iPhoto still hates me, but I've discovered ways around that now that Blogger is cooperating again (at least mostly) ^_^

This is one of the girls feeding the pigeons and getting mobbed in the process.

This is a video I took at the monkey park of a baby monkey trying to cling to a tree. Totally adorable really.

This is me feeding a very eager monkey.

This is Rachel feeding a very lazy monkey who is secure in the knowledge that the humans will keep feeding him whether he snatches the food or not.

And this is a cool fountain thing at Kyoto Station. For those who don't know, one of Kyoto's many names was Miyako (though I think only Westerners ever called it that...)


Anonymous said...

Did the monkey live?

Mary VoPo said...

The monkey was fine. It was only about a two foot drop from the branch to the ground.